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Morri Summer Pret Dresses Collection 2017

Morri Summer Pret Dresses Collection 2017

Morri’s latest spring / summer 2017 Pret collection is a burst of fresh looks, modeled from the stunning Amna Baber. They find clean silhouettes including high low hem lines, asymmetrical shirts and caftans, nicely paired with flared pants and tulip shalwars. The pieces have a fine, contemporary design aesthetic, accentuated with artistically placed, lush floral embroideries.
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We love how they have chosen a unique color palette of warm summer colors that are contrasting with a clear white. And as always, Morri has remained faithful to her design ethos with a nervous spin on the cutouts in this capsule. We certainly have our eyes on the stunning white caftan with pretty and vibrant flower embroidery in shades of red and green – perfect for a chic lunch in the sizzling hot summers. So ladies, if you are looking for the perfect formal pret pieces that are the right combination of chic and sophisticated, this series has sorted you well.

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