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14 August Summer Dresses Collection 2016-2017

14 August Summer Dresses Collection 2016-2017

Independence Day is fast approaching and we noticed numerous brands Starting the festivities in full gear! Some of our favorite labels have created beautiful collections patriotic for this August 14. Zainab Chotani, sapphire, Nishat linen, Ittehad House and fabrics Al Zohaib have created collections in limited edition using a mix of dazzling images and stunning colors of our national flag, the campaign ‘Freedom Nation’ by Sapphire boasts fresh shades of green and white pure combined with bright oranges in elegant shapes-with Pakistani kurtas with historical landmark monuments.
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Our favorite is the fun chrome yellow truck art theme kurta worn by supermodel Amna Baber wearing a traditional white shalwar and traditional green khussas; For a couple of really strong look Esfir impact of earrings and a mother of pearl clutch Braahtii ‘Azaadi’ plated gold with this delicate! Nishat Linen has something in Serbia for the whole family- a range of kurtas, trousers and dupattas in traditional patterns and festive colors, you and your family are certainly ordered with Nishat. And if you have a dinner independence day celebration to participate, head over to Zainab Chottani and opt for the black shirt and green pastels paired with elegant bell bottoms.We simply adore this look modeled by stunner Sunita Marshall. If you are looking to keep it simple but sharp, a classic white kurta jazzed up with ‘green’ tassel earrings Wahzma Awans bleeding and a patriotic Kulus ‘Pakistan Tote’ complete with fun bejeweled sandals Hub would be ideal. Still undecided? Well you just can not go wrong with Alzohaib and Fun house of Ittehad Pakistan and chic inspired kurta, which can be well matched with signature Chaand earrings Sitara Amber Sami, a Esfir ring midi ‘The peacock dance wiring’ or calligraphy gold sprinkled with RemaLuxe plated choker- striking accessories to really maximize these patriotic groups! Gentlemen, you also have a wide selection to choose from with sapphire and Nishat offering khaki soft shades, olive green and white impeccably tailored shalwar kameez.

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