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Ittehad Eid Dresses Collection 2016-2017

Ittehad Eid Dresses Collection 2016-2017

the Ittehad Eid Collection 2016-17 are all launched now. It is an incredible and one of the fabulous Eid gathering lines, is a fantasy, these Eid clothes that were designed by this fashion hub are looking real enough. From this page, you can control the images of these Ittehad House Eid clothes 2016. It is a collection of 4 pieces, will always be in the hands of these pretty dresses embroidered.
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Chiffon shirts are made there and dupatta is made of mesh. These dresses have a Rs.2995 price. These Ittehad House Eid clothes 2016 are quite an affordable one. For this collection, we have seen that breathtaking beauty and famous, known Mehreen Syed has done modeling. All these chiffon embroidered shirts are the real research, you will look elegant, light-colored and fantasy have been used in these House Ittehad Eid clothes 2016. If you want to give yourself a royal look to you on this Eid then this collection is perfect for you . Having these shirts to a medium length and then get these spindles embroidered shirts with cigarette pants. in light pink, blue, water, light gray, red and orange are the best colors to research that are used in these Eid clothes.

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