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Rungrez Summer Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-2017

Rungrez Summer Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-2017

New Festive Eid Lawn Collection 2016-17 has of Rungrez caught attention as well. Shot in elegant and restrained in the house settings with a touch of nature in the background, posing the model with an almost magnetic comfort and entertainment, embodying again chic perfectly put the hot season is appropriate.
Rungrez Summer Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-2017 (11)

A nice selection of summery colors including soft pink, purple, blue, green and cracking Senfgelb mounted with fine nets and tips from finished. Pretty flowers, vines and chevrons pushing the soft fabric accented dupattas by shaded and finely detailed chiffon and silk. We love how certain print the eye to create a unique bright motif as the quaint little cottage mustard on the shirt piece or a lone black butterfly pull float above a sea of ​​yellow flowers. Intricate embroidery and beads hemlines add a refined and feminine look to the lawn prints to make evenings perfect for a light lunch or coffee. A cool, care and peaceful glow comes from the whole area makes us in the beautiful and comfortable pieces to indulge and want to nest. Noble and exquisite, Rungrez Festive Eid Lawn Collection 2016-2017 scores 100% to tell us the perfectly complete little stories that it contains. Explore the definite must-haves below and shop in stores and online on May 27.

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