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Jahanara Summer Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-2017

Jahanara Summer Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-2017

Incredible Collection Summer Jahanara Eid Lawn 2016-17 for ladies. It has started an hour before. It was designed and launched new brand of clothing from Pakistan named as “Jahanara”. A Pakistani model and actress Ayesha Omer is showing fascinating bumps with its wonderful beauty that you missed on the beach when he was with Maria Wasti. She is wonderful research in this luxury style Jahanara Lawn Collection 2016-2017 for women.
Jahanara Summer Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-2017 (2)

Another model is also with his eyes glancing Jahanara Eid summer dresses 2016-17 lawn. More over there is a new fashion trend trousers with this shirt. Chiffon dupatta is with this pants and shirt. Ayesha Omer is looking very beautiful research and chinky in this dress. The second is orange and green color with trendy embroidery, with light weigh thread that is comfortable for the joy of this 2016-17 summer. Pants prints and chiffon dupatta is also printed. The third is blue with sky blue accents. Printed chiffon dupatta and shaddy blue pants is looking elegant. Jahanara is a symbol of inspiration. She is nothing less than a fantasy, bringing color and joy to the opaque white world around her at every step. She is the desire, love, and metaphysical tension for the infinite and unreachable. We invite you to wrap yourself in a plethora of color and splendor. With fresh summer shades of aqua blue and yellow turmeric Serbia for you, let Jahanara bring color to your life.

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