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Feeha Jamshed Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-2017

Feeha Jamshed Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-2017

The first thing you’ll notice about the teaser for upcoming lawn line of Feeha Jamshed debut for Flitz is the actress Mahira Khan. Mahira Khan featured in the latest lawn collection Feeha Jamshed called Florance of Arabia. Price between 6500 PKR – PKR 7500; the collection will be made available at the national level after the launch in early May 2016. The campaign features the super-beautiful Mahira Khan in the make-up sun-kissed lawn and exotic prints. Florance of Arabia of Feeha Jamshed will present 10 drawings in 2 different colors. There is intricate embroidery on the neckline and borders accented fabrics like silk, chiffon, and organza.
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“I’m excited about my debut lawn. True to my philosophy as a designer, to Florence of Arabia, I have been inspired by some of the life and the simplest shapes and forms of nature: both small cracks that appear on a wall or on how shadows play out much art meets lawn approach if you want, “said Jamshed Feeha while talking on her debut lawn. “I did study the lawn market before creating my own collection, decipher exactly what made the meadows of the best so popular designers,” explains Feeha. “And then, I went off and did something that none of them had done. I can never allow my designs to look like anyone else. That’s why I called the collection ‘Florence of Arabia’. It ‘s rare and different like a flower blooming in the middle of the desert. “Following the same principle, Feeha refused to incorporate the increasingly popular shalwar in its catalog. “Everyone was so characterizing shalwars I just did not want. I know a lot of their customers will probably lowers sewn as shalwars tulip since they are all the rage right now.”

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